I think it's so crazy that I've lived in Miami for a while now and I hadn't taken pictures at the beach when one of the first things you think about when someone says "Miami" is the beach. 
Yes, the beach here is awesome! but sometimes, if you're not here as a tourist, it can get a bit crowded and overwhelming. 

You'll probably think that I'm crazy for what I'm about to say... and if you're a Christian, you understand exactly what I mean. Sometimes God sends you signals for what he wants in your life, for the path that he wants you to take... and those signals are generally sent in ways that only you would understand and see. 

It's no secret that I'm currently IN LOVE with SUPER high waisted jeans! I looked all over for the perfect pair: I wanted them to be super high waisted, straight - not so skinny - , comfortable and of a light shade of blue. I finally found them at Zara!

"Spring is like a perhaps hand..." that first sentence of E.E Cummings' poem really struck a note with me, maybe because I'm in a weird moment in my life where a lot of important things are changing... changing for the better... perhaps.

I feel that I've talked about this before, but I love love love wearing black. It's not a color that used to be in my wardrobe so much when I was younger and now I feel like I wear black almost every day.

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