Generally when we think about the word "mess" we tend to give it a negative connotation. Since we were little we were told to "pick up our mess" or to "not mess things up", but why don't we change the meaning of this word and think about its positive aspects? 

I've decided to surround myself with beautiful things, beautiful moments and special people. It sounds so easy to say it but it's not that easy to do, even more so when we live in a kinda chaotic world. 

I always tell you guys about how I have a super eclectic style, and this outfit is a clear representation of that. I can perfectly dress up in a very boho / casual way, with loose and comfortable clothes that may be very big on me, or I can go the opposite direction with a very preppy and clean look. But, whichever style I decide to embrace that day will be one that makes me feel comfortable and that I'll make my own. 
Si te pusieras a pensar en cuál es tu go to outfit, es decir, el conjunto de ropa que siempre utilizas y con el que te sientes cómoda, ¿cuál sería? y ¿sabes si podrías utilizarlo para salir en la noche también?
Para los que ya me conocen saben que tengo un gusto un poco ecléctico, en donde mezclo piezas de diferentes estilos que creen un look cohesivo (o a veces ni tan cohesivo jaja). 
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